Sunday, March 13, 2005

Weekly Insanity Update

Today is Sunday, so it is time for the weekly roundup of the insane, the ridiculous, the outrageous and the unbelievable! This week we have a bumper crop! So many insanities, so little time....

1. A crack in the wall of the BushChimpHitler meme?

2. Probably not the best way to get something off your chest....

3. So now it's a crime to sell cookies in NYC without a permit? What's next?

4. Maybe the team's name was the "Dogs", in which case it wouldn't be quite so unnatural.

5. This is really not very cricket! (and just a teensy bit catty, but funny)

6. Betsy asks a very good question. What is taking so long, and will we ever hear about accidently stuffing documents in the pants fiasco again?

7. Will Vietnam be the next Iraq? Bwahahahahaha.

8. No, we're not a banana republic, but somebody in this story is bananas.

9. OTOH, maybe NEITHER should be accepted.

10. What part of "you lost; get over it" doesn't he understand?

11. Jesus is a Liberal and Jehovah is a neo-con, perhaps (rebelling against the Father?) And maybe Allah is a feminist? The Holy Spirit is probably gay. (warning: there's a very annoying ad you have to let play before you can get into the site)

12. I'm sure he deserved it. And, so does he.

13. Mourning is difficult--some people just can't let go of their loved ones.

14. Whose brilliant idea was this one? Just what we needed. Why not toilets flushing or the wonder sound of vomiting (like I'm doing now).

15. Does it help to know that "Easter" is actually a word that comes from "Oestre" the pagan goddess of fertility? Probably irrelevant for the politically correct among us.

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