Sunday, March 13, 2005


Ayaan Hirsi Ali will be on 60 Minutes tonight to talk about her film with Theo van Gogh, Submission, and the sequel she is planning. You can watch a clip of the film here.

Here is what one site says about the film:

Submission is a 10-minute film directed by Theo van Gogh and written by Miss Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Liberal party member of the Lower House of the Netherlands Parliament.The film seeks to highlight the mistreatment of women born to Muslim families. The film was shown on the Dutch public broadcasting network (VPRO) on August 29, 2004. The film displays the bodies of Muslim women who have been beaten. The bodies are used in the film as a canvas for verses from the Quran used by Muslim men to determine husband-wife relations. The women include one that suffers wife beating and one that is raped by her uncle.The film is controversial . According to Mohammed Sini of the Islamic and Citizenship Foundation, the film is offensive to Muslims, stating: "If there is a reaction, Theo van Gogh will have to protect her (Ayaan Hirsi Ali)." The film was dismissed by Nabil Marmouch, the Dutch representative of the Arab Europe League, who said, "I know what she is up to with this film. She wants extra security and she wants others to feel sorry for her. She is simply looking for attention."A Labour Party member of the Lower House of the Netherlands Parliament, Mrs. Khadija Arib, said, "I admire anyone who wishes to point out that the mistreatment and oppression of women is an evil. I question, however, whether this is the right way to do it. I am truly concerned that Hirsi Ali simply wishes to be confrontational when presenting others with this message."

Because Ms. Ali and Theo van Gogh dared to "insult" the religion of peace, Mr. van Gogh is dead--butchered by one of the peaceful practitioners of said religion; and Ms. Ali lives daily in fear of her life. Dutch authorities have had to put her in prison for her own safety.

LGF has some additional information. Including quotes that blame Ali for van Gogh's death.

Many in the Muslim community are offended by Hirsi Ali’s critique of Islam and are not surprised that this film led to violence. Nabil Marmouch, a Muslim political leader, told Safer, “You cannot emancipate women by insulting them, unless of course, that is your hidden agenda, to insult them and to create what has happened here in the Netherlands.”

What can you say about a woman of such defiant and desperate courage?

You know what? Let us offend Islam. Let us insult them and demand that they stop the oppression of women. Let us say that those who would support such behavior are disgusting and despicable and unworthy of respect or countenance. And that they deserve even more condemnation because of their pathetic unwillingness to take responsibility for their religion.

I will watch tonight, and I urge all of you who have not seen the film to click on the link above to get a preview.

In my opinion, this film should be shown at the Universities, in the classrooms; in every movie theater in the country. The pathological treatment of women condoned and encouraged by Islam MUST BE EXPOSED AND SHOWN FOR THE SICKNESS IT IS.

There can be NO SUBMISSION to this sickness by anyone in the civilized world.

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