Monday, March 07, 2005


I am really beginning to wonder if there is anyone on the Left who is capable of rational discourse anymore. Take a brief look at some of the commenters on this blog who happen to disagree with me, and what you will find is

-Foul language
-name-calling (mostly using foul language)
-the ubiquitous "Hitler" references; and of course comparing my blog to "fascism"
-A complete inability to address the topic of the post

Consequently, I am REVISING MY COMMENT POLICY. Heretofor, I have given people a second chance to clean up their language and to refrain from calling me or other commenters names.

I am not going to give a second chance anymore. From this point on, ANY use of casual foul language, or foul language name calling, analogies etc. etc. will result in the comment being DELETED and the person making the comment BANNED.

I will be the sole arbitor of when language goes over the top, since this is my blog and my threshold.

Feel free to disagree with me; argue your perspective; present your case; whatever. If you don't like a post, you are free to say so. But I will no longer tolerate abuse of me personally or of the other people who comment and discuss things here.

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