Monday, March 07, 2005

An Italian Perspective

At least one Italian is not impressed with Giuliana Sgrena, Here's her perspective on the whole Sgrena Saga.

In the end, the Italian communist journalist Giuliana Sgrena has been released. I have to say that I have been predicting since the beginning that she would have returned home alive.

Like the "two Simonas" - those two actresses who succeeded in making us believe that they were hostage and then came back to Italy smiling and insulting the US and then Iraqi PM Allawi and praising the Al Qaeda Terrorists in Iraq - and after only two months they were photographed swimming and laughing as if nothing were happened. Try to compare them to the faces of the other three Italian hostages, those valuable men who were the comrades of the heroic Fabrizio Quattrocchi.

Read the rest of what she has to say.

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