Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Desperately Seeking Tyranny

Two interesting perspectives on the "Pro-Syria" March by Hizbollah yesterday. The first is from Iraq the Model:

I have noticed that some media sources are focusing on the size of the demonstrations and the number of the people who were gathered to attend at that time and place.
I think that the number of participants doesn't make a demonstration strong at all.
The BBC says :
The crowd dwarfed previous opposition protests urging Syrian troops to leave.

I think that the opposite is true as it proves how the tyrants in Syria and their allies in Lebanon are so scared of the growing sense of liberty among the people in Lebanon.
The reason why I adopt this opinion is very simple; the opposition rallies were calling for liberty to their country and rejecting the Syrian interference which has infiltrated all important life sectors in Lebanon in the last 15 years.
While Hizbollah's rallies are allegedly opposing the "western foreign interference" which in fact doesn't exist!
Moreover, these rallies are actually encouraging the Syrian interference (that's foreign interference, right?) in the interior affairs of Lebanon and condemning the decision of international community represented by resolution 1559.

I see no patriotism at all in holding pictures of another country's president (err…I mean tyrant) and chanting "Long live Asad…Long live Syria" when that very administration you're cheering and chanting for has been keeping your country a hostage for over a decade.

And from The Astute Blogger (hat tip: Roger Simon)

What does it say about the neojihadists that their demonstration in Beirut today was a man-only affair?

YUP: that's right: While watching news reports on TV and looking at jpegs at blogs, I couldn't help but notice a HUGE difference between the two sides in Lebanon: on the one hand, the anti-Syria demonstrations in Beirut were obviously, totally PLURALISTIC: men and women; Christians, Druze, and Sunni; and people of all ages; and they were all HAPPILY proclaiming their the occupation of their country by the fear-mongering forces of anger and repression. On the other hand, today's Hizballah demonstration was huge, but exclusively male - and angry looking; even their speakers sounded angry - ESPECIALLY Nasrallah.

I think this says a lot about each side - EVERYTHING, in fact.

Certainly everything that needs to be said. Read each piece and then you decide how much sense these anti-democracy, pro-Syria demonstrations make. Protesting foreign interference? Yet Syria is not a foreign country interfering in Lebanon?

And, didn't Saddam used to get such numbers in the street whenever he wanted to? Especially with the armed men on the rooftops and surrounding the area. And, didn't he get 99.9% of the vote too?

I bet you could get most anyone to demonstrate for anything under those circumstances. Hizbollah is desperately seeking tyranny.

UPDATE: Also check out the Lebanese blog Across the Bay for some insightful assessments of all this.

UPDATE II: Jihad Watch has more: was the entire demonstration a "hoax"?

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