Saturday, February 17, 2007


Glenn Reynolds:

Hmm. Maybe I spoke too soon in criticizing the Bush Administration for doing nothing about Iran. On the other hand, this sort of thing has been simmering in Iran for a while, and Iranian claims of American involvement are hardly conclusive evidence. In fact, they're hardly evidence at all.

Reynolds is discussing this news regarding a bomb explosion in Iran, just two days after a car bomb blew up a bus killing 11 of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards. This is the same Iranian military group who have been found in Iraq, stirring things up and helpfully providing bombs and other support for the terrorists.

The news report suggests there is an "insurgency" in Iran.

"The insurgents began shooting at people after the explosion. Clashes are continuing between police and the armed insurgents. Police have cordoned off the area," the Fars agency said.

IRNA quoted an unnamed "responsible official" late Friday as saying that one of those arrested on charges of involvement in Wednesday's bombing, identified as Nasrollah Shanbe Zehi, has confessed that the attacks were part of alleged U.S. plans to provoke ethnic and religious violence in Iran. (emphasis mine)

Just a few short days ago, the US announced it had proof that Iran was provoking ethnic and religious violence in Iraq and sending weapons to extremist groups.

We will, of course, hear nothing in the press from the usual assorted outraged leftists and Democrats that the Iranians have no proof; nor will there be accusations that, by making such outrageous statements, Iran is trying to "escalate tensions with the US." Nor, will Juan Cole deem the Iranian charges against the US "bogus".

There will be no Iranian generals dismissing the claims to the gleeful delight of the left (who are only trying to prevent war, you know) ; nor will anyone claim that Iran by saying such a thing is trying to start a war. Iranian newspapers will not be accused of "trumpeting" claims of US involvement.

No, this announcement by Iran, who has been actively at war with the US for more than a quarter century--though most people in the US semm to be unaware of that, or simply don't want to know--will be treated by the left and the Democrats in the following manner:

First, the left will accept as absolutely true any accusation that Iran makes against the US and the Bush Administration.

Second, any attempt by the Bush Administration to deny involvement will be denounced as lies, as will the US evidence of Iranian involvement in Iraq.

Third, the Iranian accusation will simply become more "evidence" of US imperialism and warmongering, as the BushHitler sets the stage to initiate a war against an otherwise peace-loving country.

This has been the pattern the left has used repeatedly in the past--i.e., accept at face value anything the enemy says, while simultaneously rejecting as false anything the current administration says-- and I see no reason they won't continue to use the technique since this manipulation of reality works for them.

The manipulation is, without doubt, a distortion of external reality made to conform to the internal desires of the left to destroy who they perceive as the "real" enemy to their totatlitarian dreams.

In this sense, the narcissistic and self-indulgent left is very similar in nature to the most dysfunctional of borderline patients. Such patients will distort reality and manipulate others to suit their immediate needs; act out in the most egregious and destructive manner possible to gain attention to themselves; see themselves as bitterly oppressed and abused by the very people they count on to rescue them; and otherwise behave in quasi-psychotic and delusional ways to achieve their immediate goal.

For the left, the immediate goal continues to be to undermine anything and everything that George Bush happens to do--and America in the process--in the most perverse manner imaginable. As I said in previous posts (see here, here, and here for example) their goal of power and domination just happens to be in parallel with the enemy's for the moment.

There are some serious betrayals of all that this country stands for going on right now. by the supercilious left. The contradictory discourses and cognitive dissonance emanating from them is magnified by an uncritical and brainwashed media. When all is said and done, there is always confusion and uncertainty in way; but shouldn't the benefit of any doubt be given to our own country and its elected President?

Presenting enemy propaganda as absolute, uncritical fact; while angrily disputing and branding anything said by US officials as lies and warmongering is, at best, delusional and perverse; and at worst, treason disguised in typical postmodern camouflage as "patriotism". But it is so emotionally satisfying for the minions of the left, who like to picture themselves as courageously speaking truth to power.

In every way that is possible, I question their "patriotism" --as well as their intelligence. And I have no doubt whatsover that, in spite of their earnest and righteous declarations for "peace" and "justice", their "selfless" actions are the hallmark of malignant sociopathy and utopian aspirations.

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