Thursday, February 22, 2007


You know, you really have to hand it to the political left. If they were any more clueless than they are, their brain would probably arrange to have itself strangled by their tongues.

Think about this latest maneuver of theirs: an attempt to prevent Fox News from participating in election debates. They have petitions, banners and pins! Soon they will have marches and parades in D.C. and NYC. All the usual tools for the ritual leftwing self-righteous masturbatory activities (the ones that make them feel oh so good about what great progressive and reality-based and nice people they are).

And get this- they even are gearing up for a "media assault against Fox News’ status as a news agency". WOW! INCREDIBLE! Usually only the many dictators, tyrants, and murderers they actively support around the world try to get away with such explicitly totalitarian maneuvers! They are soooooo brave and courageous.

And they truly understand the concepts of free speech and a free press, too....AMAZING!

I mean, even the evil BushHitler has not tried to shut down major news agencies!

Hooray for Denial, with just the right amount of unbelievable stupidity for dramatic flair.

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