Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Youssef Ibrahim takes us on a journey in a streetcar named Palestine:
In the midst of it all, disoriented Palestinian Arabs keep hoping for a leadership that is courageous and purposeful enough to chart its own course.

It won't happen.

What kind of leadership can be expected from a prime minister who says, "We are not seekers of office but seekers of martyrdom?" This is what the so-called Hamas government prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, is fond of repeating. And what sort of president goes around promising new elections and threatening resignation from one week to the next? This is just about all, the so-called head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has been doing.

Going down the line, the only common denominators between all figures of authority among Palestinian Arabs have been mediocrity and dishonesty....

As a result, an estimated 5 million Palestinian Arabs have for nearly six decades walked the battlefields like pigeons whose heads jerk in every direction depending on where the next bullet pops.

But are they blameless?

...Palestinian Arabs cannot hope that Europe, America, or Israel will talk to a government dominated by Hamas, which says it shall never renounce armed struggle against Israel but will accept a "truce." That sort of juvenile reasoning may work out in Gaza but not in world politics.

Just as the character of Blanche Dubois was used by the playwright as a metaphor for the dying world of the South, the Palestinians have become the classic symbol for dysfunctional Islamic /Arab society and culture. Palestinian pretensions to virtue and culture have been fully exposed as a fraud; and the death-worshipping cult of hatred they "elected" to govern themselves only pulls them deeper into the gutter of pathos and decay.

Living in this fantasy world, they have hopelessly degenerated into self-delusion, denial and paranoia and have chosen to embrace hate and violence rather than making a better life either for themselves or their children. They are more concerned with avoiding shame rather than behaving honorably.

One of the most important expressions of a shame culture (as well as shame-avoidant and grandiose persons in general) is the rampant psychological projection and refusal to accept responsibility for any inappropriate behavior--up to and including the most disgusting of atrocities. It is always someone else's fault (for the Palestinians, it is always the Israelis/Jews).

In this way the shame-avoidant culture of the Palestinians continues to act irresponsibly and even flaunts its grandiose entitlement. They perceive nothing wrong with their barbaric and malignant behavior and are encouraged in their delusional beliefs by their fellow Arabs and Muslims.

Unable to create the institutions necessary for a civilized society--despite the billions of dollars in aid from the rest of the world-- they are simply too preoccupied with their unbridled envy and loathing of their more successful cousins, the Jews to be able to move forward. In their perverted world, it is shameful if you do not desire to murder Jews and do not want your children to blow themselves up; but not at all shameful to be a member of an ignorant, medieval death-cult.

Just as alcoholics are addicted to ethanol, the Palestinians are addicted to their Jew-hatred and will not miss any opportunity to overindulge. Their intoxication has been continuous for over half a century now. If they did abstain--even for a moment--delirium engulfs them and they focus their obsessive lethal destructiveness on each other.

The dysfunctional Palestinians (or should I call them the "Blanche Dubois" of the Middle East?) and their psychotically inebriated leaders actually believe that they can continue to mouth the same old pathetic and stale shibboleths that have sunk the region into a bottomless quagmire of sadistic violence and death.

“We will never recognize Israel. There is nothing called Israel, neither in reality nor in the imagination.”

And then, with a practiced histrionic flair, they extend their hands demanding more money for their obsession; more encouragement, and more admiration from that the rest of the world; sure in their limitless narcissism that they will be treated kindly and with all the due deference they feel they deserve.

The Palestinians have always depended on the kindness of strangers.

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