Wednesday, February 21, 2007

FASCISTS FASCISTS EVERYWHERE: The Rime of the Ancient Socialists

John at Power Line does some research on the albatross red herring that the left would like to sling around the necks of pundits like Glenn Reynolds, Hugh Hewitt and others. He concludes:
In short, Campos' attack on Reynolds and Hewitt betrays his ignorance of the subject matter at hand and his failure to do even the most elementary research before denouncing others as "accessor[ies] to murder." As happens so often on the left, "murderer" and "fascist" are the common coin of a polemic that bears no relation to reality. And, needless to say, Campos offers no constructive thoughts as to how we should deal with the threat Iran poses to our troops in Iraq, or the threat a nuclear Iran will pose to us and our allies. (emphasis mine)

Of couse he doesn't.

Today's batch of useful idiots who carry the torch for 21st century neomarxist fascism are too busy running around hysterically pointing the finger of fascism at everyone else to have time to recognize (or even understand) their own totalitarian origins.

Indeed, fascists are everywhere! And I feel a parody coming on....


(Part The Second)

"The Sun now rose upon the right:
A hateful thing to see,
There was much anguish on the left
For fear they'd cease to be.

And marxist winds did bloviate,
But all their words were hallow,
They gave all power to the state,
And none with sense would follow!

For they had done an hellish thing,
And now they stooped to beg:
For all averred, they'd killed the bird
That laid the golden egg
'How dumb!' said we, "set that bird free,
That laid the golden egg!'

Yet dim and red, like Stalin's head,
They blur reality
Then all averred, they'd killed the bird
That brought prosperity.
'Twas right, said they, 'such birds to slay,
That bring prosperity.'

For social justice does demand,
That everyone be poor;
Our dialectical extremes
Will keep some from having more.

Down dropt income, and sales dropt down,
'Twas sad as sad could be;
And in the end their plans did send
All into poverty!

And in this hot utopian sky,
The bloody Sun, at noon,
Did shine upon their brilliant lie,
And brought us to their doom.

Day after day, day after day,
All heard their slogans chanted;
Proved worthless as their promises--
Or news that's always slanted.

Fascists,fascists everywhere,
Please send their brains to shrinks;
Fascists,fascists everywhere,
Gee, paranoia stinks.

The rot goes deep, praise be to Allah,
It's called malignant pride
And slimy things that crawl with legs
Within such hearts abide.

Around, around they spin and spin
Round death-fires in the night;
They see cruel demons everywhere,
Especially on the right.

And some in dreams assured were
By Lenin's ghost and Che's;
The revolution soon would come
Twas just a score of days

When proletariat would rise,
Against the bourgeoisie;
But former more oppressed by socialist
Than capitalist would be!

Ideological infidels are slain
So they cannot blaspheme;
The left inflicts exquisite pain
In the nightmare of their dream

Ah! well-a-day! what evil lurks
Within the hearts of men!
For power tempts all sorts of jerks
Toward tyrany again."

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