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It's snowing in Ann Arbor and Dr. Sanity has decided to get above the clouds and head over to the blogs of her favorite mental health professionals. If the weather is good in their location, I'll do a few touch and go's to give you a taste of their wisdom and wit.

The first stop is at SC&A where Siggy writes about "Religious Progressives, The Judenrat And Another Generation In Denial:

"To be a radical ‘religious progressive’ that adopts the radical leftist agenda, faith has to be dispensed with. A believer who wants to espouse progressive ideology must accept that his religious beliefs and values are worth less than progressive beliefs and values. Believers must find a way to rewrite faith to accommodate progressive ideology, even if that means upending the very beliefs, values and principles of the faith they profess to be a part of."

In the end, all radical ‘religious progressives’ are the Judenrat and kapos of their respective faiths and of our time. By accepting and ascribing to beliefs and ideologies of Leftism, ‘religious progressives’ have made a deal with the very devil that would destroy them. Disagree with a ‘religious progressive,’ and like their progressive masters, tolerance goes out the window because dissent cannot be tolerated -- because the ‘emperor has no clothes.’"

Neo-neocon is apparently on a similar flight path as Siggy, as her topic is very related:

They're a fringe, it's true--but a fringe that detractors of Israel have made much of.

I'm speaking of the ultra-orthodox religious Jews who are anti-Zionist. That's their prerogative, of course; eveyone's entitled to his/her opinion, yada yada yada.

But some of them go further then that; in fact, it turns out that six of the delegates to the mid-December 2006 Iranian Holocaust denial conference were such Jews. Collaborating with an Iran bent on the destruction of Israel and Jews is quite a stretch.

Over at One Cosmos, Gagdad Bob has some profound insights on the topic of "Truth and How To Avoid It":

If truth exists, it seems that it is something that we would want to align ourselves with, no? For truth is what works, isn't it?

Not necessarily. With psychoanalysis, Freud articulated an entire system of thought that essentially comes down to a means for investigating the many ways in which human beings lie to themselves. Thus, in a sense, these lies "work" -- i.e., they have a function -- or they wouldn't have been erected in the first place.

For example, one routinely sees adults who were abused or neglected as children by their parents. This is the truth. But this truth doesn't "work" for an infant, because it would make living intolerably painful -- impossible, really. Therefore, in order to go on living, the child erects the lie, "my parents love me. There is something wrong with me." Interestingly, on some level, one must know the truth in order to erect the lie. Psychoanalytic therapy, in its broadest sense, is simply a search for truth, or what Bion called O.
"America's Intelligence Failures" is the topic that occupies ShrinkWrapped, the psychosphere's resident psychoanalyst; and at GM's Corner there is a marvelous post that discusses how one's perspective on reality is colored by one's worldview.

Assistant Village Idiot is busy discussing Tribes- from "Business" tribes to Military tribes, he covers them all. And, at our last stop, Dr. Helen is urging everyone to "Fight the Matriarchy":
Have you seen the new study that shows how "Queen Bee" women are actually holding back other women's careers?
Time to head back to base. If there are other psychbloggers out there who would like to be included next go-around, let me know. Meanwhile, you can't go wrong checking out these great blogs--they'll always have something interesting to say.

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