Tuesday, January 23, 2007

THE SANITY SQUAD - Attack of the Infidel Shrinks!

The Iranian mullahs and their nutjob president better watch out! This week's podcast of The Sanity Squad is now posted at Pajamas Media Politics Central and the fab four have exposed the psyche of the Islamic regime for all to see. It is not a pretty sight.

The Squad discusses Benny Morris' article in The Jerusalem Post, "This Holocaust Will Be Different", and the consequences of a nuclear-armed Iran willing to sacrifice the loss of millions of its own people to have the satisfaction of destroying Israel.

As for Israel, the dreadful dilemma of the Jewish state was outlined in Morris' article: Israel's nuclear armory appears to be unusable. He writes, "It can only be used too early or too late. There will never be a "right" time. Use it "too early," meaning before Iran acquires similar weapons, and Israel will be cast in the role of international pariah, a target of universal Muslim assault, without a friend in the world; "too late" means after the Iranians have struck. What purpose would that serve?"

And, some where between the paranoia of Iran and the psychological denial of the West (busy enabling its own enemies) , the Squad psychoanalyzes Iran’s vulnerabilities and Israel's strengths.

Join Siggy , Neo-neocon , Shrinkwrapped and me and take a listen to this week's podcast--we may speak softly (except for Siggy, of course) but we carry a great big stick. And, remember-- even for psychiatrists--sometimes a stick is really a stick....

Previous podcasts of The Sanity Squad can be found here; and you can also download them from iTunes.

(The Sanity Squad cartoon at the right is drawn by Eric Allie, whose collection of political cartoons can be found here and here).

And yes, we really do look like the people in the picture. And, Siggy is nude because he doesn't like to blog in pajamas and his dress was at the dry cleaners.

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