Sunday, January 07, 2007


Nazanin Fatehi, who I have previously written about here, is an 18 year old Iranian girl sentenced to die for the crime of killing one of three men who were trying to rape her (see here, here and here). She was 17 years old at the time.

Nazanin's death sentence was overruled by Ayatollah Shahroudi last June after there was much international pressure applied to the Iranians; and she was given a re-trial. This trial started on August 30, but was then postponed to Jan 10, 2007.

Now, a documentary has been made about Nazanin and the fight to save her life. Please go to the site and watch the documentary and do what you can to create as much attention around this case as possible before the trial resumes this week. There is a petition there that you can sign; or you may make a donation to her trust fund, set up to help cover her legal fees and campaign costs.

In this new trial the Islamic Republic Court will either:
a) spare the life of Nazanin and release her from prison or
b) announce a prison sentence of x number of years or
c) re-condemn Nazanin for execution or
d) ask Nazanin to negotiate "Dieh" (Blood Money) with the family of the alleged rapist and have her released subject to her paying that amount.

This entire situation is evidence of how primitive, barbaric, and misogynistic the Iranian Islamic regime really is. Iran supposedly has signed international treaties which forbid them to execute any one under the age of 18; however they continue to do so under Islamic Sharia law.

Go watch the documentary and sign the petition. We were not able to save others from this kind of mullah injustice, but perhaps we can help save Nazanin.

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