Wednesday, January 31, 2007


From The Belmont Club in a post discussing Caroline Glick's article "Welcome to Palestine":

"The collateral damage inflicted upon the people of the Third World by the Left in pursuit of their fantasies will someday rank with the Slave Trade and the Holocaust in the annals of historical outrage. It is the last form of imperialism. And the worst."

I have commented many times before on this blog that the fundamental problem of today's left is their unparalleled conceit that they know what is best for everyone else; and beneath implied superiority of that conceit is a breathtaking moral and intellectual bankruptcy.

Someday they will be held to account for the enormous damage they do in the world. They prattle on and on about their "noble" causes and wonderful utopias, even as they support dysfunctional, toxic, oppressive and murderous regimes. As Wretchard suggests, they themselves are the true imperialists; and they have become the very fascists they supposedly stand against.

A fascinating psychological dynamic, isn't it?

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