Friday, January 19, 2007


Dr. Bliss at Maggie's Farm has a blog first! She's semi-live-blogging the American Psychoanalytic Association convention.

Neo-neocon has an important post us that explores the common criticism of the US's decision back in the 80s to ally with Saddam--why it was done, and why the critics are naive (or worse)--and why the neocon agenda might just be the best choice of all the alternatives (realpolitik, or the triumph of totalitarian systems).

The Baron at the Gates of Vienna discusses a tempest in a teapot crisis in international relations. He wants to know, are we offended yet? If not, then Gerard Vanderleun has a bumper sticker for you!

Betsy wonders why anyone would use Cindy Sheehan when they could get a much more attractive--and probably cheaper-- model to protest their cause.

And Ace can't help but notice that a full 34% of our troop-supportin' patriotic loyal opposition flatly wishes failure upon the US military. If you think this is depressing, you are not the only one.

Finally, John Podhoretz has written an editorial about the 88 Professors at Orwell University (otherwise known as Duke) who continue to bemoan the "racism and sexism" that is "rampant" at their college as evidenced by the "most outrageous case of railroading in recent history." The irony of their own sexist (against males) and racist (against whites) behavior appears to completely escape these academic nitwits. Ask yourself, do you want your children taught by these paragons of the intellect? It is just another example of the institutional dumbing down that appears to be ubiquitous in the hallowed halls of politically correct academia. It makes me wonder if there is any possibility of setting up a college-level homeschooling program....?

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