Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Just in case anyone has failed to notice in the last couple of years, this is a global war against Islamic fascism we are involved in. Some have even referred to it as World War IV.

As you might expect, the clueless left who appear to be incapable of figuring out why the U.S. might be interested in Al Qaeda thugs and murderers taking over control of Somalia are now screaming about "injustice".

But no matter how much the left would like to protect all the enemies of civilization no matter where they set up operations (there just wasn't time for them to send human shields, I guess), things look very bad for Al Qaeda in Somalia.

As for fighting injustice, once in a while it would be so refreshing if these ridiculous moonbats directed their rage at some appropriate targets .

But then, I suppose that would go against their holy, sacred vows denouncing reason, judgement, and common sense. How sad for them; but at least they do have their principles and priorities.

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