Friday, January 05, 2007


Well, the Democrats are in power again and pushing their plans for a life-long non-learning program. Nancy Pelosi says that she's going to run Congress for "the children."

It came to me suddenly and forcefully yesterday, exactly what that phrase means to the Democrats as I was reading this story (hat tip: SC&A) :
Three years ago, when Ashley began to display early signs of puberty, her parents instructed doctors to remove her uterus, appendix and still-forming breasts, then treat her with high doses of estrogen to stunt her growth.

In other words, Ashley was sterilized and frozen in time, for ever to remain a child. She was only 6 years old.

Ashley, the daughter of two professionals in the Seattle area, never had much hope of a normal life.

You have to read the entire story to fully understand the implications of what these parents did and why. To further justify their actions, they started a blog with a long, detailed explanation of their decision to interrupt their daughter's maturation and turn her into an eternal child. While they vehemently claim that their actions were "loving" and for the purpose of "improving Ashley's quality of life", the only obvious people whose quality of life is improved is their own and their doctors, who apparently recommended the various procedures and then wrote a journal article about it.

I must say that I was appalled and dismayed on many, many levels at what was done to this child, and the self-serving rationale that was developed to justify it.

It occurs to me that what those parents did to Ashley is precisely what the political left, via the Democrats, want to do to the American public.

You see, they don't want us to grow up either. Mature adults think and act independently, and that is a severe risk to the ideology that propels the left. The last thing in the world they want is for their social programs to be successful because that would mean their ideology and beliefs have become superfluous.

Lucky for them that none of their programs actually work in the real world.

What is more important than any objective success in reality, however, is the carefully crafted rhetoric of concern and compassion. So we repeatedly hear how much they care about our welfare and our needs. How they champion the "little guy" and fight against oppression and injustice. They don't want us to get hurt in any way imaginable, physically or emotionally--even our fragile little feelings are to be taken care of, protected by the whole leftist notion of "political correctness."

And with every program they develop, they become more and more powerful and we become more and more dependent on them.

Think about how unrelenting the left's "cradle to grave" assault on critical and independent thinking has become. Since that infamous decade of 60's when my generation was invited to "tune in, turn off and drop out" we have been encouraged to "tune in" to the mindless messages and worthless programs of the left; "turn off" our brains; and drop out of reality.

Here's a short sampling:

For the discerning child, who is dedicated to sharing her toys; and bringing peace and social justice to the world-- your correct political orientation is outlined in this book.

For the adolescent in the public schools, the gentle indoctrination of childhood will be helpfully augmented by conscientious teachers who only want what is best for you. This gives you another chance to have your brain washed in the proper neurochemicals, approved by the Committee on Universal Peace and Brotherhood.

And as an adult in college and beyond, you can participate in United for Peace and Justice, ANSWER, and countless other groups leftover from the 60's, and obtain further experience in mindless obedience to the collective. In return, the omnipotent state will take care of you. You don't have to think, or work, or even try because all your problems are attributed to the capitalist, American oppressors. This is the stage where being designated a "victim" is passed off as social justice. Your choices are clearly presented: you can either be a member of one of the accepted victim classes (in which case you are assured the protection of the state); or you can join the collective leadership, working to ensure certain designated groups remain victims so that your own self-esteem can continue to grow by championing them. It is even better if you can do both, because then you have the victimhood seal of approval which makes your every pronouncement (whether racist,sexist, or homophobic) pure gospel.

By adulthood the brain has been sufficiently anesthesized so that the gaping insistencies and endless hypocrisy isn't at all bothersome and leads to no serious clinical effects, except for the childish expectation that everyone will think and feel as you do; endless whining and pouting if you don't get your way; and continual externalization of blame for your own personal failures, as well as your ideology's.

In the back of what's left of your mind, you know that all your problems in life are due to the fact that you have been oppressed and victimized by "the system", especially those darn Republicans, who hate the poor and try their damndest to steal opportunity away from you at every turn.

But those omnipotent Mommy and Daddy Democrats can always fix anything! The solution to every problem is More Laws, More Entitlements, More Social Programs, More spending, More, More, More. Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya.

And, since any tendency toward excessive narcissism has been carefully nurtured so as to facilitate both an exaggerated self-esteem (where you don't actually have to to achieve anything to deserve anyone's admiration) and a belief that difficult goals can be accomplished without any real effort on your part (accompanied by a finely-honed aura of oppressed victimhood, so that you have a ready-made excuse if you haven't achieved anything or made any effort in your life); while you will have successfully aged in years, you will effectively remain both psychologically and physically dependent and helpless without themommy and daddy state to take care of you.

Cox and Forkum get it exactly right.

Ashley's sociopathic and selfless parents have irreversibly and irrevocably ensured her dependence and eternal childhood. She never had a choice in the matter, and her chance of grow up and becoming the person she might have been is gone forever.

But for most of us, the path to eternal childhood and political tyranny, masquerading as as just another utopian "paradise" of the compassionate left--who only have your best interests at heart, is a matter of conscious, deliberate choice. You can grow and mature, learning to take responsibility for yourself and your own life; or you can willingly cede that responsibility to the "loving" parental collective, who has a very personal stake in keeping you forever dependent on them for the sake of their own power and comfort.

Ashley wasn't allowed to make that choice in her life, but you can.

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