Monday, May 29, 2006


This rant is pure, unadulterated psychological denial, which uses displacement as a tool to avoid dealing with reality.

Let me just address a few of the rather insane points the author brings up.

1. "The Bush administration has exploited the fear and shock of a nation in the wake of a surprising and dramatic act of violence to whip national fear and paranoia into a constant boil." (Emphasis mine)

This is said (presumably without any sense of irony) by a person who has at the top of his post a copy of the US Constitution with the hand written note across its front saying " George, we can blow this off big time. Dick"

In so saying, don't you think the author of this hysterical nonsense is whipping up his own fear and paranoia just a wee bit? Most psychiatrists would refer to this technique as projection. Further evidence of this psychological projection comes in the next accusation:

2. "The evidence suggests the whole point has been to seize power and steal money."

This too, is said with presumably a straight face, as the links made are to Bechtel and Halliburton, the great boogeymen companies of the paranoid left (when they aren't bashing every other major American capitalist company that suits their latest psychotic delusion. You know , all the usual suspects behind the conspiracies: like big (read:Evil) Oil and of course, the profiteering pharmaceutical companies that are trying to kill everyone with their drugs).

The left has yet to notice that despite all their exhortations about the evil of American capitalism and all the misery it brings; that the economy of this country keeps on chugging along while most of the rest of the world is cheerfully going down the economic toilet as they pursue the leftist's economic agenda?

No, the whole point of the left's insane rantings about Bush and company since the election of 2000 has been a desperate attempt to gain back their own power. To this day, they cannot accept something that is clearly written in the Constitution--that a president can actually be elected without winning the popular vote. Horrors! It has even happened in American history prior to 2000!

Talk about a war on the Constitution. That darn Constitution essentially deprived them of their power, and they don't like it one bit. The Supreme Court (not a part of the Executive Branch, I would like to point out) was involved in this issue, too. And they don't like that either.

But when lower courts subvert the Constitution in a manner that conforms to their leftist agenda, well, to hell with the Constitution. Apparently the only danger of an unchecked Judicial Branch--or Executive Branch (since it has been pointed out repeatedly that Clinton did most of the same things that Bush is doing) is when you don't happen to agree with their decisions or the focus of the policy.

And how about unchecked Legislative power? Apparently, the Executive Branch is never above the law, but the Legislative Branch is right to assume that they are. It isn't a is a "power grab". Well, such "power grabs" have gone on back and forth between the three branches for the entire history of our Republic.

The three branches have always had serious disagreements about the extent of each other's powers. The difference now is that during a war--a real war in which this country was attacked and is under threat of being attacked again--the people can usually count on the the three branches of the government to do what is necessary to protect them. Not to act like complete morons and increase the risks by fighting and arguing constantly.

No, the issue is not that the war is being prosecuted for power and money--it is quite the opposite. Those who violently and aggressively oppose the war desire to get their power back and are happy as clams to get the money, no matter how much blood from our courageous military personnel is lost because of their betrayal. Oh, don't you dare say they aren't patriots! They are patriotic, it is just that their country is being stolen from them by the evil Bushitler McChimpy Haliburton etc. etc. etc.

Well, I have news for them. Their "country" doesn't exist except in their fevered brains. I am most thankful for that fact. It is people like the author who have deliberately set out to destroy the US Constitution--a document written by mere mortals--for the sake of some utopian dream country run by perfect people like them.

3. "Take your "terror" and shove it."

My response to this is for the left and all their "patriotic" ilk to "take your utopia and shove it instead. I'm sick of patriotism that only knows how to attack America; patriotism that is truly paranoid that a duly elected president is about to establish a theocracy; create a totalitarian society; eliminate the constitution and the rule of law; and all the other paranoid bullshit that emanates from the mouths of this hysterical lot. This, my friends, is the New McCarthyism promulgated in our generation by --not the political right, but the left. The new John Bullshit Society, whose goal--conscious or unconscious--is nothing less than the destruction of this country and the establishment of a socialist utopia. Even an Islamic socialist utopia is preferable for them.

I happen to disagree with the Republicans on many issues. I don't even agree with Bush on a lot of domestic policy. But there is one thing that I know is true; and it is that we are in a war where our enemies are brutal and methodical; and where they can count on support and encouragement from the clueless political left who prefer to ignore reality and focus on the "threat" that can't hurt them. I'm sure all those brave and patriotic folks on the left believe they will soon be incarcerated and tortured like poor Stephen Colbert was not too long ago, when he spoke truth to power so bravely.

WHAT! You mean Colbert is still free? He has not been imprisoned for saying all those true things? How can that be? The evil Bushitler was sitting right there when Colbert made his courageous remarks? How can that be when we all know we live in a Bush/Cheney police state????

When the author at Firedoglake is courageous enough to tell Mohammed and those who practice terror for Allah's sake to go to hell; or to tell Ahmadinejad, or the Taliban or Al-Quaeda; or Bin Laden or Zarqawi; or Zawahiri or Hamas or all the other violent, fascist fanatics to go to hell; when he will stand where it counts in the real world-- with the men and women in uniform in Iraq and Afghanistan-- and deliver his "give me liberty or give me death" speech; when he takes a stand against Islamofascism and its thought control (disguised as political correctness); and stand for human freedom and individuality--in other words, when he stops knocking down the strawmen he has set up in his mind and confronts the real evil in the world; then perhaps then I might have something other than contempt for the big brave talk that covers up his cowardly denial and displacement.

I've listened to such rants for the last 3 years and I'm heartily sick of them and the people who stand for nothing, but have convinced themselves how patriotic they are. They are only the most recent batch of useful leftist idiots, who can't get over the fact that their ideology lost the Cold War

BTW, wasn't that a badly named war, too? "Cold" is only a temperature, after all....? In all honesty, I must admit that the only point of the rant that I agree with is that "war on terror" is very very badly named. Indeed, If it were up to me, I would definitely call it World War IV.

But this war--no matter what name you choose to call it; or how loudly you deny that it even exists--is unfortunately very real.

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