Saturday, May 06, 2006


I am repeatedly astonished at how the left in this country jumps to their pre-ordained conclusions about things. Everything that happens is instantly transformed into a "fact" that supports their fantasy. We see this in people with paranoid delusions. They take reality and then creatively rearrange it to fit the pattern they have already set up inside their heads. That's why most people with paranoia and with a modicum of intelligence develop complicated conspiracy theories over time.

Basically, their delusional system becomes the only thing they can see, and hence they are completely unable to visualize the "Big Picture". The "Big Picture" is just a shorthand way of describing reality over time.

AJ Strata has an excellent example of this fundamentally paranoid process that is now occurring right before our eyes in the left's reaction to the resignation of Porter Goss in this post "Bre'r Rabbit's Briar Patch CIA Move".

Keep in mind that there is a reason why Occam's razor (i.e., that the simplist explanation for something is most likely to be the true one or "the explanation of any phenomenon should make as few assumptions as possibrle, eliminating those that make no difference in the observable predictions of the explanatory hypothesis or theory") has stood the test of time.

Here is AJ's take:
Bush played Briar Rabbit and begged not to be forced to create the office of DNI. And he did so knowing quite well the new organization offered a once in a century opportunity to shake up moribund institutions. Bush has done more to fix government in his four years than has been done in the last 100. It is stunning to see what he did to:

-Department of Defense through Rumsfeld’s new force structure
-Department of Education through No Child Left Behind
-All the dysfunctional and competing organizations now under Homeland Defense
-Pulling the Coast Guard into a new independent status in Homeland Defense
-Redirecting NASA through the Exploration effort to the Moon and Mars
-Fixing Medicare and Medicaid by offering a Prescription Drug Plan (before it was emergency room care access only)

Look at that list folks and understand there are even more that are not well known or advertised. Goss is out because he established the proper relationship with DNI agreed upon years ago when this started. The news media never detects this kind of strategy because it takes years to implement and the media has the attention span of a gnat. That’s why they cannot fathom what is going on. But for those of us who do know, it is truly stunning.

No one has left as large an imprint as George Bush has on the Government of the United States since FDR and WW II. The media’s BDS blinds them to this amazing accomplishment. But it is for real.

It is most definitely for real, whether you happen to agree with the specific changes or not. And it has been and continues to be transformative.

This transforming ability can also be seen in the stunning developements in the Middle East, where Bush's foreign policy interventions are causing a ripple effect throughout the entire region; causing changes that no one could have even possibly imagined 5 years ago.

Most people dislike change--especially transformative change that threatens every single static picture a person carries around in his head about the world. It is such a nuisance to constantly have to adapt to reality! It's often much easier to try to force reality to adapt to your image of the world. And that's exactly what many people do if they can't visualize that Big Picture. They attach the resignation to their "culture of corruption" meme (or here); to their "the evil Bush government is spying on its citizens" meme; to the "victim" meme (in this case, the CIA is a poor victim of the evil Bush Adminsitration and is even worse off after Porter Goss).

Well, we shall see. If AJ is correct, then a new Director will be named quickly, and will be someone who can continue to clean house at the CIA and bring it even closer to integration with the DoD and other intelligence agencies.

In other words, for the conspiracy theorists who can't see the Big Picture, things are about to get even more confusing. They will be outraged--in a loving compassionate, patriotic and paranoid sort of way though.

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