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In a recent post, I said:
I am repeatedly astonished at how the left in this country jumps to their pre-ordained conclusions about things. Everything that happens is instantly transformed into a "fact" that supports their fantasy. We see this in people with paranoid delusions. They take reality and then creatively rearrange it to fit the pattern they have already set up inside their heads. That's why most people with paranoia and with a modicum of intelligence develop complicated conspiracy theories over time.

Basically, their delusional system becomes the only thing they can see, and hence they are completely unable to visualize the "Big Picture". The "Big Picture" is just a shorthand way of describing reality over time.

Now, Dr. Mike Adams has helpfully put together a list of the top 10 academic conspiracy theories put forth to blame all of societies ills on white people (more specifically, Republican white people. Here are #9 and #10:
10. “911 was a conspiracy planned between the Bush administration and the Jews. They wanted an excuse to attack Arabs and the ignorant public bought into it.” (from a now-deceased college professor).

9. “I don’t want any teacher who supports George W. Bush. If Bush is elected he’s planning – along with the rest of the Republicans - to bring back slavery. I don’t want to work picking cotton in the cotton fields like my ancestors.” (college student).

They get even more bizarre and convoluted as you proceed down the list. You have to spend time on university campuses to appreciate the baseline level of intense political and racial paranoia that exists in this bastion of "diversity", where you can promote diversity as much as you want, as long as you aren't inclusive of white, heterosexual, male, Republicans. Like Type O blood, the universal donor among bloodtypes; the WHMR is the universal oppressor in the postmodern rhetoric of the left. There is nothing that can't be twisted, distorted or spun in such a way in order to ensure that this particular group gets the blame for everything bad that happens in the world.

As Adams notes, these conspiracy theories are basically politically correct--and therefore academically-sanctioned--racial stereotyping and scapegoating. Affirmative scapegoating, I guess.

Along these lines, I noticed this article today in the Washington Post:
President Bush's crop of political appointees includes fewer women and minorities than did President Bill Clinton's at comparable points in their presidencies, according to a new report by House Democrats.

Women made up about 37 percent of the 2,786 political appointees in the Bush administration in 2005, compared with about 47 percent in the Clinton administration in 1997, according to the report and supplemental data released last week by the Democratic staff of the House Government Reform Committee. Similarly, about 13 percent of Bush administration appointees last year were racial minorities, compared with 24 percent in the fifth year of Clinton's presidency, the report found.

This kind of casual racism that is so much a part of the whole identity politics/equality of outcome schtick is absolutely disgusting. Once, people marched for equal rights and opportunity. Now they demand equal results and the sanctity of victimhood.

How have we come to live in a society that once idealistically sought to permanently END the pervasive and evil racism that had made Blacks second-class citizens since the beginning of our republic; and which now has come to CELEBRATE a new and even more sinister racism as some sort of political good?

Can you think of a single person from a "non-White" background in the Bush Administration that has not been acused of being a "traitor" to their respective racial or ethnic groups--simply because they are Republicans? Instead of being role-models for others to emulate; any "person of color" who happens to be conservative is regularly excoriated by the mullahs of multiculturalism and the degenerates of diversity as "white". So, it isn't even enough for them that you be a person of color--you also must toe the ideological line, or you don't count.

This cycle of neverending racial stereotyping and politically-sanctioned racism is a fundamental political strategy of today's left, which uses the racism of identity politics to forward on their collectivist agenda.

Paranoia and conspiracy theories help keep the clueless minions under control and constantly feeling victimized and oppressed--even as those minions now feel free to victimize and oppress others. No theory is ever too outrageous if it badmouths that "universal oppressor."

Racism itself is a form of psychological projection. It results when a person does not take responsibility for their own unacceptable or angry feelings and projects them onto an identified group; so that one can feel virtuous or morally superior to members of that group. And psychological projection is as the heart of paranoia.

John Miller at The Corner makes my final point as he discusses another case of approved multicultural racism:
Can you imagine a newspaper printing a similar comment about non-whites — say, about black residents of New Orleans in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? There would be a furor, and deservedly so. But this comment, aimed at America's official oppressor race, will barely cause a yawn.

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