Monday, May 01, 2006

MAY DAY 2006

Have you noticed that May Day, 2006 is just some more of the usual Marxist BS foist upon the American public?

I would imagine that most people like myself have no problem whatsoever with legal immigration. Why should we? Many Americans are proud of their ancestors who came to this country and became citizens.

But why in heaven's name should there be protests for illegal immigrants? I don't believe for one second that our economy depends on illegals--no matter how hard-working they may be. But, if you prove to me that it does, then I support whatever economic hardship is necessary so that we lose our dependence on illegal foreign workers.

This position on my part is consistent with my attitude toward gasoline prices and America's dependence on foreign oil. If there is a problem, the Law of Supply and Demand should be allowed to take care of it-- without all the political posturing and hysteria.

That fundamental economic law will also take care of the problem without all the marxist/socialist/communist rhetoric that is raining down on us at the moment. Many of the people who want something for nothing; and scorn America and its laws, while at the same time wanting a piece of its pie, would do better to emigrate elsewhere.

I suggest Cuba or Venezuela, where I'm sure they will be welcomed with open arms by their emotional comrades.

On second thought, here's an idea. I'll gladly take the hard-working illegals who truly want to be a part of the American Dream and are willing to integrate into American society and culture. America can always use people who want to work and pursue their own life liberty and happiness. We can surely find an acceptable compromise to help those people move toward legal status as we stem the flow of new illegals. Instead, I'd like to get rid of the persistant socialist and communist elements whose goal has always been to destroy this country; and who are using the illegal immigrant issue to drive yet another wedge between Americans. I'm sick to death of their identity politics and their class wars. I say, let's deport them to where they truly belong. Just a thought.

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