Friday, May 12, 2006


To hear the left tell it, America is bad. Really really bad. Bush is worse than Bin Laden. Bush is a dictator. Civil rights are being trampled. No, even worse, people as we speak are being rounded up and herded into jail cells where they will rot forever, if they aren't taken out an summarily executed by the Gestapo administration. The U.S. is imperialistic and warmongering; and our enemies are peaceful, loving people. Christians are trying to take over control of the U.S. to impose a theocracy. Muslims fanatics are poor persecuted and misunderstood people whose religion is being constantly defamed by evil western values. In their warped reality, real patriotism is the act of exposing all this rottenness under the surface of decadent American life; as you enable and apologize for dictators and tyrants around the world, praising them for their progressive policies and concern for their people. Real patriotism consists of defaming the actions of the U.S. military whenever possible; and hamstringing American foreign policy to ensure defeat by any group of politically correct thugs who taunt and disparage American values.

And so on, and so on ad infinitum, repeated on daily basis with great passion.

You wonder why--if America is so terrible--we have a problem with too much immigration; and people desperately trying to get into the country. You wonder why--if America s so awful a place; on the verge of dictatorship--people (especially the loudmouths on the left--aren't scrambling for the last planes in a desperate attempt to get out to the safety of, say, Chavez' Venezuela (a much more progressive and enlightened part of the world); or peaceloving Iran (whose president genuinely seeks dialog with us).

Why, if whatever we do is imperialistic, immoral, and BAD, are re-enlistments in our warmongering military at an all-time record high? Are all those men and women stupid and foolish to throw their lives away for a system that doesn't care if they live or die--as long as it gets its oil?

Why, if everything in this country is going to hell in a handbasket, does its damn economy keep growing--at a rate faster than any other country in the world to be precise--even as gas prices rise and apparently destroy anyone's ability to put food on the table, let alone enjoy American Idol or their other favorites on TV.

If you are able to see how completely and unbelievably hysterical and ludicrous all of the above is; if there is a glimmer of reality that pokes through the window of your brain--in other words, if you are not a member of the lunatic left (and the word "lunatic" is becoming increasingly redundant), then you might want to carefully read this piece by Arnold Kling at TCS.

Kling appropriately starts off quoting Austin Bay as saying ""The American left is where the American far right was in the 1950s -- besotted with anger, boiling in conspiracy theories." I've said the same thing myself in this series.

Kling points out--rather helpfully, I think, for the brain-damaged left, several basic differences between America (the left's enemy) and what he refers to as "The Real Enemy":

1. Many people have fled radical Muslim regimes to live in the U.S. Hardly anyone has fled the U.S. to live under radical Muslim regimes.
2. In the United States, women are allowed to choose whether or not to where modest clothing. Radical Muslims deny them that right, as well as others.
3. Americans who abuse enemy prisoners cower in shame and are prosecuted. Radical Muslims celebrate war crimes, proudly display photos and videos of war crimes, and honor the criminals.
4. More Iraqis would like to see the terrorists give up tomorrow than see the Americans leave tomorrow. (If there is any doubt about that, we can put the issue up for a vote in Iraq.)
5. Americans see negotiations as a way to resolve differences. Radical Muslims see negotiations as a sign of weakness.
6. When Muslims come to live in America, we provide them with safety, tolerance, and equal rights. Jews and Christians do not enjoy equal rights -- or even safety -- inside countries run by radical Muslim regimes.
7. The American military is trained to try to minimize civilian casualties. For radical Muslims, civilian casualties are a measure of success.
8. Americans go to war reluctantly, when other means fail. Radical Muslims accept cease-fires reluctantly, when other means fail.
9. Americans desire the approval and support of the European people. Radical Muslims desire the intimidation and submission of the European people.
10. If radical Muslims would renounce violence, then we would not disturb them. If we renounce violence, then we will be conquered and brutalized.

Check out the entire article and see why the new McCarthyism being plotted by the Democratic Party wing of the left is likely to become known as "Pelosism" and will make Joseph McCarthy look like a piker.

You might also want to actually read the contents of Ahmadinejad's letter to Bush here; which contains in detail almost all the current talking points of the left; and which basically can be considered either a gentle invitation to convert to Islam, or a declaration of war--whichever analysis makes you feel more giddy with relief at the peaceful intent of the Iranian regime.

Yes, the left is truly besotted with anger and beyond reason. They will not rest until they destroy Bush, the Republicans, and those who took their power away.

For the left, it's a suicide mission.

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