Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Our party's got a heart, hasn't it?
Joking apart -- hasn't it?
And tho' we'd be the last ones to say we weren't saints...

We're finding it hard to really maintain all these feints...

We're reviewing the situation
Can our Party act bewildered all the time?
All the trials and tribulations!
Let's call Nancy and we'll have a big group whine.
And a whine would hide our cluelessness,
Obscure the real world for us,
Al Gore will fire-breath for us.
And Dean will go and whore for us.
As Kerry acts the bore for us....

...We think we'd better think it out again!

Those losers you can keep, anyway
They put us all to sleep, anyway.
We're left with only moveon in the world,
And we're starting out from now
We want to win votes and get back our power
--But how?

We're reviewing the situation,
We must quickly look up ev'ry star we know.
Hollywood stars' exalted station --
Can all help us make a real impressive show!
We will rent a suite in Bel Air,
And show the poor how much we care,
And badmouth the Republicans
So everyone can see their sins
In wiretapping terrorists...

To keep us off their terror lists... Oh wait!

...We think we'd better think it out again.

So what shall we do -- somebody?
Who do we have? Nobody!
Who'll stand up for what we believe?
Does anyone know what we believe?
Or does it depend on what we recieve?
Perhaps we should turn over a new leaf...?

We're reviewing the situation.
If we want to win-- we've got to please the base!
Is it too much victimization,
to pander to each gender,group, and race?
If we get them jobs then it is true,
They'll start to say, "Well, who needs you?"
And then what will our Party do...?
March with illegals and that ANSWER crew...?
Support Hamas against the Jew?
The War on Terror we'll undo...but wait!

...We think we'd better think it out again.

What happens in 2008?
And even before in 2006?
We're gonna win and we can't wait!
And who cares if we put our country in a fix,
Our one consolation's the congressional seats
And lots and lots of Republican defeats...

We're reviewing the situation.
We stand for nothing and that's how we we want stay!
You'll not be seeing a transformation,
Not having ideas is the Democratic Party way!

We don't want someone to give advice to us,
Ted Rall can keep on dissing Condi Rice for us.
The NSA will never get a pass from us.
And CAIR can always say a mass for us.
Or maybe Hugo will campaign for us,
And CIA rogues will surely Plame for us
The New York Times can do the same for us.
This really, really is insane of us...

...We think we'd better think it out again!


(One of Fagin's songs from Oliver!; with apologies to Lionel Bart)

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