Sunday, May 07, 2006

Under the Weather ...But At Least I'm Sane

Although the weather is beautiful right now, I'm feeling a little under it and am going to take a break until tomorrow. Check out the Carvival below and some of the fine links on my sidebar.

If you want to be depressed and outraged, read this piece at Mudville Gazette; then read what Vanderleun has written about the left side of the blogsphere's reaction to the President saying we are in WWIII (hat tip: Larwyn). I may be under the weather, but at least I'm sane.

Sigh. These people aren't just in denial, they are drowning in in the deepest, darkest part of de-ocean of willful and spiteful stupidity.

What is it going to take before these hysterical and lunatic dingbats wake up and realize who the real enemy is?

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