Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Few Quick Notes

On top of all the Blogger problems that continue to haunt me and eat my posts; my main blogging computer has crashed. I'm posting from a friend's computer (hopefully it will get through). I don't have the heart to rewrite some of the longer posts I tried to post earlier this afternoon, only to have them yet again disappear into the ether.

Here are a few quick links:

Via Gateway Pundit, some excellent news from Iraq, that will undoubtedly make it to the headlines of your local paper--NOT.

Additional good news here.

Also, John Hinderaker at PowerLine has some free advice for President Bush, and I hope he and his advisors are listening.

My major concern in this blog has been and will continue to be the War on Terror. Thus, it grieves me deeply to see the Bush Administration grow soft and enable Hamas and rescue the dysfunctional Palestinians. No good will come of it. No good has ever come from it.

I hope to have my computer fixed by tomorrow. I am also hoping for a miracle cure for Blogger (fat chance). Blogging should be back to normal by tomorrow afternoon...maybe.

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