Thursday, May 18, 2006


I don't have much to say on the immigration issue (that I haven't already said) , except for these two points:

(1) I want the borders to be secure so that the bad guys* can't get in; and

(2) I support legal immigration and don't support any particular "rights" for people who are here illegally. A corollary: any businesses that depend on illegals to survive, shouldn't survive--unless they follow the law. Illegals will have to take responsibility for violating immigration laws; Their employers will have to take responsibility for violating the same laws; and the American public will have to cope with the fact that the low prices they were paying on a variety of things cannot be sustained.

That being said, I think all the hysteria on the right about this issue is rather unbecoming and certainly disheartening. I expected a better discussion and a more reasoned debate. How foolishly naive of me!

What I never expected was the kind of DUmb BS you can get every day from the lunatic left, who have made vitriol their perferred drink and rhetorical style; and who are just delighted to incorporate another new victim group into the ranks of the eternally pathetic so they can pander to them and advance their causes under the cover of championing the oppressed.

It saddens me to see many on the right I admire lose their sanity over this issue. I had a lot to say, but, others have said it much better than I ever could:

The Anchoress has two must-read posts here and here.

Smoke on the Water has an excellent reality check; and Signmund, Carl, and Alfred have decided to vent on the issue.

Go and read all of the above; and calm down. If your pulse remains too rapid; your breathing shallow, or your speech shrill and slurred--give my office a call. I'm sure I can fit you in. Because, if you coninue on in this vein, you may need a padded cell to protect you from yourself.

*bad guys = Islamic terrorists (i.e., generally speaking, Mexicans desperate for work are not the "bad guys". Yes, they are here illegally, but they don't want to kill Americans or destroy America. Get real.)

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