Saturday, June 11, 2005

Taking the Long View

Yet another positive aspect of the Bush Doctrine:

A recent public opinion survey of Iranians, conducted by The Tarrance Group, surprisingly found that a vast majority (74%) of Iranians feel America’s presence in the Middle East will increase the probability of democracy in their own country. The survey, which was the first of its kind, found, two-thirds of Iranians believe that regime change in Iraq has been a positive for both neighboring countries: with 66% believing that it served Iran’s national interests, while 65% believed the Iraqi people will, in the long-run, be better off.

It's nice to know that the people of the Middle East (at least those in Iran) are able to take the long view and see how the events of today will have a likely positive impact on their futures.

If only that were the case with some of the leaders of the Democratic Party. And, of course for intrepid journalist Sean Penn. What are the odds that his story will say anything about this,hmmmmmm?

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