Tuesday, June 07, 2005

One Day It Will Matter

Wretchard, in a comment he makes to one of his posts about the deafening silence of the world on the atrocities in Zimbabwe, writes:

I'm going out on a limb by saying this, but here goes ... World Wars break out when the Great Powers run out of pitiful and inferior races to feed predators. On that day, as on Sept 1, 1939 or Dec 7, 1941 or Sept 11, 2001 the predators finally attack us and war begins. The shame of Munich, the ignored rape of China and the willful blindness towards the poison the Saudis were spreading were all various forms of appeasement. It didn't seem to matter so long as the victims were gomers somewhere far away. Then one day it mattered.

I wonder if the world will ever have to pay the price for letting Africa suffer so. Europe and the UN think not. But we should know better because they are going to pass on the bill when it comes due and hand it to us.

Read the entire post and all the comments there. Read Perry DiHavilland's post that Wretchard and Instapundit both link to.

In the name of all that is good in humanity, why are we letting these things happen? Why is pissing on a book so much more important than the victims of this kind of cruelt pathology? Where is the international community?

We all are waiting with bated breath for Amnesty International, The United Nations and its members, etc. to unequivocally condemn what is going on in Zimbabwe...in the Sudan.... And then to take decisive steps to intervene.

Unfortunately, they are far too busy to be bothered, as they have bigger fish to fry by condemning the United States and its evil dictator BushHitler the Oppressor.

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