Sunday, June 19, 2005

Mullah Absurdity

Michael Ledeen comments on the absurdity of the Mullahs. They learned a lot it seems from the Soviets:

Just when you thought the mullahs had reached the heights of absurdity, they outdo even themselves. After hours of announcing that Moein 'the reformer' was in a neck and neck race with rafsanjani, all of a sudden Moein disappears altogether (flashbacks to the days of the Soviet airbrush, as the Trotskys and the Berias vanished from official photos), and a wild fight has broken out between Karrubi and the thug mayor of Tehran for second place...I guess they divvied up the Moein votes. There is probably a bidding war under way for the ballots. Latest is that the fighting is so intense that there may not be 'official' results until tomorrow.

For extras they are announcing a seventy percent turnout, when even the Amanpour woman is saying a) it is lower than last time and b)she was only permitted to go to places the mullahs took her.

Anecdotally, it seems very few people voted.

I am anxiously awaiting Sean Penn's observations and comments and Jimmy Carter's seal of approval.

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