Monday, June 06, 2005

Child's Play

It is well-known that the playful activities and games of children helps them to acquire the skills needed for adulthood. Here are some of the skills being encouraged in Gaza: (hat tip; The Corner)

Video Clip #700: The Death Games of Gaza Children

Reporter: Abd Al-Sattar's favorite game is "Jews and Arabs."
Boy: The Arabs are in the street. The Jews stand over there and we shoot at them, and throw rocks and grenades at them.
Reporter: To win the game, the player must die.
Boy: Burn the tank!
Boy: Martyrdom for the sake of Allah is our greatest desire. Oh God! Don't be afraid because fear hurts me. Don't be sad because sadness frightens me. Don't scream because screams kills me.

This tells you a great deal about the kind of culture these children are being raised in. Below is a photo of children climbing the trees in order to recover the body parts of terrorists whose bomb exploded while they were working on it.

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And of course, the standard indoctrination of children into the culture of hate:

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It seems very unlikely to me that the Palestinians have any intention of living peacefully with the Israelis, even if they should get their Palestinian state. They have already trained the next generation to hate and kill Jews.

For all those moral relativists out there, show me anything in the Jewish culture or Israeli culture that promotes the abuse of children in this perverse way.

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