Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Orwellian Newspeak at UO

Orwellian doublespeak at the University of Oregon, as our institutions of higher learning continue to self-destruct on the illogic and assininity of political correctness. Read the new, culturally sensitive criteria for tenure. Betsy comments:

This is scary. These are all non-objective standards that can be twisted to mean that anyone could be described as "incompetent" in their devotion to cultural diversity. No wonder the professors were very upset about this plan. This newspeak in the plan sounds like a way to punish professors who don't pass all their students with grades distributed equally among racial groups. And if any little darling complains that their professor didn't measure up on one of these criteria, kiss good-bye to tenure.

Leaving aside the question of whether tenure is a good thing or not (I don't believe it is in its current incarnation), what did these professors expect when they sold their souls to the diversity, multicultural, and PC priesthoods? That they wouldn't be expected to demonstrate their loyalty and devotion to the holy book of political correctness? That the PC Gestapo would settle for a lackluster "committment to social justice"?

The theocracy the Left fears is imminent in this country is already being imposed--by the Left itself-- in the secular churches of the Left, which were once the cathedrals of Knowledge and Truth. Say goodbye to all that.

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