Thursday, June 09, 2005

Everyday Optimism in Baghdad

If you want to know how things are going in Baghdad, check out Iraq the Model and his last two posts.

The first is a briefing by Mohammed on Operation Lightning that concludes with:

Generally speaking, Baghdad looks quieter these days and I hope that operation lightning would extend to storm all terror nests after Baghdad is well cleaned as was planned previously.

I recall that the most pessimistic researches estimated the number of militants by 200,000 and that there are other 5 million supporters and sympathizers and I admit that the numbers seem huge just like Saddam's empty millions-sized armies but anyhow when we look at the other side we find 22 million people standing against terrorism and working to build a democracy.

Do you know who's going to be the victor?
It's not a very difficult question, eh?

The second post discusses some of the meetings being held around the city regarding the new constitution:

At the end of the conference, the delegates demanded to include the principle of nondiscrimination among Iraqis in the Iraqi constitution and they stressed that differences among human beings must be respected and that disability must be accepted and treated as a type of human variation.
The participants in the conference also asked the government to provide all that is needed to guarantee equality in opportunities.

Remember, Mohammed lives in Baghdad. This is the kind of every day optimism projected by the Iraqi people about their country.

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