Monday, June 13, 2005

Democrats Desperately Desire Draft

Under the guise of being "realistic" Senator Joe Biden (a Democrat, in case you don't know) has raised the specter of the MILITARY DRAFT:

Joseph Biden, the top Democrat of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, made the prediction after new data released by the Pentagon showed the US Army failing to meet its recruitment targets for four straight months.

"We're going to have to face that question," Biden said on NBC's "Meet the Press" television show when asked if it was realistic to expect restoration of the draft.

"The truth of the matter is, it is going to become a subject, if, in fact, there's a 40 percent shortfall in recruitment. It's just a reality," he said.

Oh yes. The Democrats desire to be "realistic" about the military and the draft. The implementation of a military draft is clearly something the Democrats devoutly wish would happen (why else would they keep introducing bills to make it happen?).

Psychologically, their position is fairly easy to understand. The Democrats would like to be on the absolute rock-hard moral ground they stood on in the 60's during Vietnam and the use of the military draft. They would like to return to those exciting days of yesteryear when they stood for the little guy against the vast government-military-industrial complex run by Nixon and his cohorts. I can see them now, practically slobbering all over themselves like a dog about to get a big bone. "Please, Please, Please re-institute the draft!"

This behavior has gone on for the last number of years--since Bush has been in office, to be precise.

Let's see:

-they have criticized the war in Iraq and Afghanistan unceasingly
-they have interfered with every single military goal of those wars
-they have trumpeted hysterically about all the military deaths (which, while tragic, are the LOWEST EVER IN THE HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION. One battle in WWII for example resulted in 20 times more military deaths than we have had in the entire 4 years since 9/11--but still to the Democrats, no sacrifice is better than any sacrifice) Also, Wretchard has some interesting thoughts on this subject today.
-they have unceasingly collaborated with the media to portray our military as sadistic psychopaths (projection?) who torure innocents for fun and amusement.
-they have collaborated and cheered on the academic instituions bans on permittting the recruitment of new soldiers
-they are absolutely delighted that all the military services have not met their recruitment goals and rather than address that issue (by increasing bonuses for new recruits, improving the benefits of military life) would much rather mouth-off about the DRAFT. Since clearly it suits their purposes.

What are their purposes? The Draft is a straw dog that they are looking forward to shooting, but first they have to set him up.

THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO HAVE TALKED ABOUT A DRAFT IN THE LAST 4 YEARS--and even introduced a measure into Congress to re-instate it-- ARE THE DEMOCRATS. (see here, and here for example)The Republicans have insisted that they have no plans for one. The military have insisted repeatedly that they have no plans for one.

It is only the Demoncrats who have need of one, so that they can once again climb up to that moral highground they may have once held during the Vietnam war. Their party is anchored to the spot 40+ years ago, when they actually stood for freedom and cared about the rights of individual. I agreed with them back then, and opposed the military draft (although I did not oppose the war), which I believe has no place in a free society.

But those days are long gone. Democrats now feel most comfortable in the position of encouraging pathetic victimhood (like most of the Left) and there is nothing they'd like more than to have a military draft (which they will keep introducing) so that they can revert to being the stalwart defenders of the the poor and helpless victims of the evil military industrial complex again.

First, though, they have to cook up some victims.

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