Sunday, June 12, 2005

"Na Roosari, Na Toossari" (No Veil, No Submission)

From Stefania at Free Thoughts:

Hundreds of maverick Iranian women and female students have gathered in front of Tehran University in order to protest against Islamic regime's backwarded policy of Gender Apartheid. Hundreds more men and male students have joined them in support despite heavy security measures and presence of regime's brutal plainclothes men.

Here is one photo from the demonstration, but go to Free Thoughts and check out all the others; and other reports and information from the SCCDI.

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UPDATE: Something is happening in Iran...Roger Simon has more.

UPDATE II: And while we're on the topic of Iran, American Daughter has an incredible series of posts that describe in great detail (video, etc.) the horror of the Mullah's regime.

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