Monday, June 20, 2005

The Cult of Motherhood

Considering the recent spate of inappropriate and deplorable comparisons made by both the Right and the Left to Hitler and Nazis, one might be reluctant to ever use the Nazi metaphor in any situation. There is a certain amount of fatigue that sets in with such constant usage, of course, yet sometimes the comparison may be so apt and inescapable that it cries out to be used. A case in point is the promotion of the cult of motherhood by the Nazi fascists and its counterpart promotion in Islamic Jihad--specifically the propaganda of the Palestinian Authority.

Image hosted by This is the MutterKreuz ("Mother's Cross") that was given to mothers in Germany under Hitler. Here is a description of the award:

Many social programs were implemented by Hitler to encourage the growth of a strong German Nazi Volk. One such program was to advocate the virtues of motherhood. This program included a gigantic Nazi propaganda campaign to urge women to increase the size of their families. Cash incentives were paid for each child born. On the 16th of December 1938 Hitler instituted a new award to honor German Nazi motherhood, especially the large family. The cross of Honor of the German Mother (Ehrenkreuz der deutschen Mutter) was created in three classes with the criteria as follows:
Bronze 3rd Class Mother's Nazi Cross - A bronze Christian Cross normally worn about the neck suspended by a 10mm blue ribbon with two white stripes at each edge. A round shield was affixed to the cross, bearing the inscription 'Der Deutschen Mutter' encircling a black enamel Nazi swastika on a white enamel field. Behind the shield and between the arms of the cross was a projection of rays. The arms of the cross were blue enamel with white enamel edges. The reverse was plain save for the date '16 Dezember 1938' followed by a facsimile of Hitler's signature. From 16th December 1938, when the decoration was first instituted, to mid 1939, Nazi mother's crosses bore the inscription 'Das Kind adelt die Mutter' (The child ennobles the mother). Why this change on the reverse of the cross was brought about is not known. The manufactures logo was sometimes found on the back as well. This award was normally presented in a blue envelope bearing the title of the award on the front. The award was also accompanied by a large certificate bearing a facsimile of Hitler's signature.

Silver 2nd Class Mother's Nazi Cross - similar to the 3rd class Mother's Nazi Cross except that the metal parts were finished in silver. It was presented for bearing 6 to 7 children.

Gold 1st Class Mother's Nazi Cross - again similar to the 3rd class except all the metal parts were finished in Gold and also it was presented in a hard presentation case that consisted of a hinged and compartmentalized box. The exterior was a very dark blue simulated leather with a facsimile of the award embossed in gold. The interior of the lid was a white satin and the base was an off white velvet. It was presented for bearing eight or more children.

When the award was first instituted approximately 3 million women qualified for one of these awards. Only families of German origin qualified. Females from Danzig, Austria and the Sudetenland were eligible when these teritories were absorbed into the Greater German Reich. Awards were rendered only on 'Mothering Sunday' (Mothers Day) the second Sunday in May. The first awards were rendered on the 21st May 1939, and the last awards were presented in 1944.

As you can see, the Nazi's took motherhood very seriously. Now, from MEMRI TV (hat tip: LGF):

Dr. Attiyya: The Palestinian woman’s womb is a factory for the conflict; it produces fighting children. After this fighting child is produced, he is taught: “This is your land, this is your country, you will fight for it, stand on it, and die for it.” Therefore, a very important connection exists between motherhood, land, and blood.
The indoctrination of children to seek death for Allah by the Palestinian Authority is a thoroughly revolting and extremely disturbing component of the underlying fascism of the Palestinian Authority.

Fascists are a brand of totalitarian who believe that the individual exists only for the purposes of furthering the state. That the Palestinians exhort motherhood and the subsequent grooming of children for death is a disgrace and should make any normal parent violently sick.

But the indoctrination of the children begins with the indoctrination of the mothers and Dr. Attiyya mouths policies for the Islamofascists that eerily echo the Third Reich. The doctor is Syrian, and supposedly an historian. It appears that she would like history to repeat itself.

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