Saturday, June 04, 2005

Fed Up With Tyrants And Terrorists

StrategyPage has some interesting information about Arab attitudes:

Islamic terrorists represent a small minority of Arab thinking, and interests. But most Arab media and governments, for obvious reasons, avoid the “bad government” issues and instead concentrate on the Arab-Israeli conflict as the cause of all that is bad in the Arab world. While few Arab governments support all Islamic terrorists, many support some (like the Palestinian terrorists, or Hizbollah in Lebanon). An Arab government will support terrorists as long as there is no terrorist attacks against themselves, and the terrorists are working against the government’s enemies. Syria has played this game enthusiastically, perhaps too much so, for decades. By getting behind terrorism and hostility towards Israel, Arab dictatorships believe this will distract their people from problems closer to home. But this ploy is working less well of late. The invasion of Iraq in 2003, the forcible removal of an Arab dictator and enthusiastic participation in democratic elections has terrified Arab despots throughout the Middle East. The Islamic terrorists are generally hostile to Arab dictators, but have made deals with the devil in order to survive. Increasingly, Arab people are fed up with the tyrants and terrorists, and are willing to do something about it. (Emphasis mine)

About time, don't you think? For too long the tyrants of the Middle East have played a game of psyops perpetrated on their own people, pretending that if only the problems of the Palestinians were solved; if only Israel and the Jewss and the Great Satan America could be dealt with-- all would be right with the world. The Arab media (for the most part controlled either by the tyrants or the terrorists) plays along with this deception and has lacked the integrity and/or courage to face the truth about the sickening rot at the center of their society.

Read the article at StrategyPage. Maybe those elusive "moderate" Muslims are finally breaking away from the pack?

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