Thursday, June 16, 2005

Betsy Predicts !

Betsy of Betsy's Page has looked into the future and made a prediction!

She is absolutely spot on about how the minds of people in the media work. I wonder how many people remember when JFK ran for president, and what an ENORMOUS issue his Catholicism was? I was just a kid, but I acutely recall the fears that were being expressed then -- that by electing a Catholic to the US Presidency, we were iminently going to be controlled by the...Pope!

During the run-up to that election was the only time that I remember being discriminated against because I was Catholic. There were kids who weren't allowed to play with me because of that, and it made quite an impression on me.

JFK won the election, of course, and it doesn't seem to me that we became a protectorate of the Vatican (I could be wrong about that, I guess). If Mitt Romney runs for President, then I suspect we will all survive with our personal dogmas intact (unless the Angel Maroni has something else in mind).

But, be prepared for the snarky innuendo and politically correct insinuations that will innundate the body politic.

Too bad they can't direct some of that sarcastic capability to a religion that is practically begging for press takedown.

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