Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Call For Creative Thinking

Wretchard at the Belmont Club has an excellent analysis of where we are in Iraq and the WOT and issues a call for creative thinking:

The challenge then, is for America to find ways to dramatically speed up the collapse of the despotic systems from which the enemy draws his strength. This is far from impossible. Only a small fraction of America's strength consists of direct military power and only a small fraction of that military power has been employed against the enemy. By any accounting, the US is still only fighting the War on Terror with its little finger. But it will require creative strategic thinking to mobilize and employ the untapped wellsprings of the nation's strength. US troops in Iraq are doing well. But the nation owes them better than use them to attrit the enemy. Faster. Please.

As usual, you must read every word of Wretchard's comments to completely savor the great mind behind the thinking. He is completely correct. We have only been using our little finger. What would happen if we used the whole hand? The arm? The entire body and brain?

We have not even begun to use the power of the media. In point of fact--that power has been used against us over and over again. How much more we could accomplish if the MSM could for a moment stop being accomplices of our enemies? We have ceded guile and disingenuousness to our enemies. They have been able to use psychology against us; why can we not begin to use it against them?

As Wretchard suggests, there is much room for creative thinking and the implementation of strategies that do not necessarily involve actual military action. I, for one, am certainly hoping a great deal of thought is going into planning such actions.

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