Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Ticking Suicide Bomb

I think this cartoon from Cox and Forkum captures the essential aspect of the connection between Islamofascist terrorism and those who enable and support them.

Of course, they think they do it out of "good" motives; because they are caring and compassionate people.

The Islamofascists think they do it because they are stupid and weak.

I think they are doing it because they can't come to grips with their own hostility and anger and need the image of being universally caring and compassionate to cover that up. (Who after all keeps bringing up homosexuality as an issue and "outing" various people they don't like? Who caricatures all minorities as "Uncle Toms" if they don't behave according to a prescribed set of "authorized" minority scripts? They aren't very caring and compassionate to anyone who disagrees with them.) That they refuse to recognize reality, even when it hits them over the head is blatant stupidity. That they have no real insight into their own motivations and inner conflicts is their great weakness.

This may be the only situation where the Islamic extremists and I might come to a similar conclusion.

And Cox and Forkum are absolutely correct in thinking that this kind of enabling behavior and political correctness represents a ticking suicide bomb in the middle of western culture.

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