Monday, July 25, 2005


Oh, dear! This morning I woke up to find that I have evolved in the TTLB Ecosystem up to Playful Primate, and that my ranking is #97 ! I've been a Large Mammal for so long, that it sort of feels funny to evolve like this....

Actually, like many of you who have blogs, I have absolutely no idea how the algorithm works for the Ecosystem, or why I'm suddenly a Playful Primate instead of a Large Mammal. Additionally, it could be likely that tomorrow it will all be updated and I'll drop back down again. But today, TODAY! all my bad blogging habits have been positively reinforced!

This is very very bad news for my family who rarely see me now without my laptop in hand!

Thank you to all my readers! Have I mentioned that monetary DONATIONS (see side bar) are also a very good positive reinforcement?

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