Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Story Behind the Story?

The Belmont Club speculates about the missing Recon team.... Read it and see what you think.

Just as an aside--this is exactly the kind of in-depth expertise that is missing from all the news reports. All we get is a series of almost gleeful stories about the casualties and deaths. These soldiers are dying for a reason, and you can't evaluate what is going on without understanding that reason. It would be as if--after the 30,000 American casualties and 6000 American deaths on Iwo Jima, the newspapers covering the story failed to mention why that little piece of rock was important at the time.

My father was proud to have fought on Iwo, and it was one of the proudest achievements of his life. He never once complained that the military objective for taking that tiny place of land was not worth the price he and other brave men paid (it probably wasn't--but the military didn't know that beforehand). "That's part of war," he would say.

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