Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Supreme Musings

I'm beginning to feel really sorry for whoever is nominated by President Bush for the Supreme Court.

And then there's this from the inimitable Scrappleface, who gets it completely right:

Kennedy Slams Unnamed Supreme Court Nomineeby Scott Ott

(2005-07-02) -- Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-MA, today criticized President George Bush's as-yet-unnamed replacement for retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor as a "brutal, Bible-thumping, right-wing ideologue who hates minorities, women and cocker spaniels."

And finally, an observation from Brit Hume on Fox News on July 5th, who wonders,

"When did it become the job of a [judicial] nomination to unite the country?"

Indeed. One wonders if it is even possible to unite congress (except, of course on the issue of their own pay raises)?

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