Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Boo is Back !

My husband and I travelled up to the Petosky area last night so we could pick up the Boo this morning! They let parents in the gate at 11:00 sharp.

As you can see, I survived her first extended stay away from home--though it felt like I wouldn't when she first left! Miracle of miracles, we actually received THREE letters from her and they all said exactly the right thing ("Hi Mom and Dad. I miss you, but I'm having a fabulous time!")

I missed her terribly, but on the other hand there wasn't nearly so much laundry; the bathroom stayed spotless; and I was finally able to clean my way through to the bed in her room, removing weeks old trash, debris and unmentionable crud (How can teens live like this? I've consulted with other parents and they all give me reason to believe the Boo might actually spend more time cleaning her cave room, than their kids do! Hard to believe.)

But she is coming home now, and all seems right with the world!

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