Monday, July 25, 2005

Before Iraq There Was Jihad

For those who are arguing that Iraq is responsible for the London bombings, a splash of cold water in the face from Wahid Phares:
Back in November of 1999, I was on a trip to meet leading members of the House of Lords in London to discuss the “Jihad threat to minorities in the Middle East” and make few presentations on the subject in different locations in England. My travel across the country was very informative, and I was able to compare the findings with my previous trips in the 1980s. My observations that year found them very troubling: The Salafi Jihadi presence in Britain was on the rise, six years before the London bombings, four years before the Iraq war, and two years before September 11.

This post is from the invaluable Counterterrorism Blog. I wonder why it so hard for some people to understand that the Jihadis are using psychological ops against us; and that the knee-jerk response--that the latest barbaric Islamofascist outrage simply must be because of the Iraq war-- of so many on the Left is exactly what they are going for?

Before London there was Jihad. Before Iraq there was Jihad. Before Madrid there was Jihad. Before 9/11 there was Jihad.

Stop letting Islam off the hook and making excuses for terrorism.

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