Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cotillion Carousel

Welcome aboard Dr. Sanity's Cotillion Carousel! Dr. Sanity is honored to be one of the hosts for the weekly Cotillion Ball, but frankly, she's exhausted from dancing and just wants to sit for a while! So, let's take a ride on a merry-go-round of conservative ladies' blogs!

On our first carousel horse we have Jane at Armies of Liberation whose post today is about Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani, Yemen’s main democracy advocate and reformer, who was recently released from jail, and targeted by the Yemeni government again along with the Popular Forces Union, his political party.

Right behind her is Raven from And Rightly So, who is pleased to point out, "Osama, yo mama, you out!", as OBL's standing in the Muslim world plummets to a new low.

Then there is Oddybobo the boboblogger, who thinks that Hell is too kind a place for the murderous fanatics who killed in cold blood 18 Shiite babies. And who can blame her? Atlas Shrugs reminds us that the road to hell is paved with Live 8, which is "all rock and no action."

And as the carousel goes round and round, we can hear Baldilocks commenting about the Plame affair -- otherwise known as Nadagate.

Janette at Common Sense Run Wild entertains us with a book review and he book under scrutiny is Jesus by Leith Anderson. The painted ponies go up and down as we learn about the Safe Community Alert Network (SCAN) over at An American Housewife ; and Absinthe and Cookies discusses a recent movie that cashes in on two common stereotypes about weddings: that women hate attending nuptials alone, and that men, realizing how vulnerable weddings make single women feel, use the occasions to their advantage.

And check out this fabulous audio device brought to you by Are You Conservative. It's the Gitmo-terro-Gator! You can decide what is torture and what isn't! Annika at Annika's Journal tells us about her most popular post, due in large part to the mysterious intracies and craziness of the GOOGLE search engine..

Kathy at The Cake Eater's Chronicles ia urging everyone to Walk For Diabetes at her blog; and tells the moving story of her young nephew James who lives with Type I diabetes.

And finally, over at A Mom and Her Blog there is a wonderful recipe for a cheesecake to die for! Now that's something that might make me get off the carousel!

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