Thursday, July 07, 2005

"Better Shar'ia Than No Me-a?"

Wretchard has it exactly right:

The Al Qaeda have characterized the attack on London as 'punishment' for Britain's temerity to resist the inevitability of Islam. It is the kind of punishment these self-ordained masters of the universe are accustomed to meting out against harem women and insolent slaves. A few administered licks, and no doubt the cowardly kuffar will crawl back to his place. The tragedy is that Al Qaeda's perception is perfectly correct when applied to the Left, for whom no position is too supine, no degradation too shameful to endure; but incorrect for the vast majority of humans, in whom the instinct for self-preservation has not yet been extinguished. It will result in history's greatest case of mistaken identity; the mismatch that should never have happened. The enemy is even now dying at our feet, where we should kick him and kick him again.

In coming to this conclusion, he also makes some interesting points about the decline of Al Qaeda over the last 4 years, so read it all. But his remarks about the Left are truly on-target. The "better red than dead" crowd needs to come up with a clever appeasement slogan, now that there is a newer enemy to bow to.

Perhaps "better shar'ia than no me-a"?

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