Friday, July 15, 2005

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

That is my advice to the mainstream Press at the moment. They are so thick-headed that they don't even realize yet that--not only have they cleared Karl Rove, but they have identified the culprit in the Valerie Plame "outing"--and is is....the PRESS!

For verification of this, read the NY Times article here.

Read the Anchoress' assessment of the NY Times article here.

Read Ace, Captain Ed,, Polipundit -- or, heck, just go read the entire blogsphere and see if you don't agree.

What's fascinating is that the Press is far too clueless to even realize they have damned themselves.


UPDATE: And don't miss Roger Simon's comments about a certain "fatuous creep." I love it!

UPDATE II: An emailer asks why I haven't written about this before. Well, to be honest, with various and sundry other issues on my mind--like Terrorism etc. (and maybe baseball)-- I just didn't care about the whole issue. I figured it would get sorted out in the end, and that the rising hysteria in the media was pretty nonsensical (which is usually the case in these situations). As the implications of the latest information sink in, we should see a pretty fast retreat from the issue once the press realizes that they have yet another scandal on their hands (a la CBS etc.) and my hope is that we shall hear no more about this non-issue -- or from Wilson and Plame themselves -- for evermore.

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