Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Hell of Israel is better than the paradise of Arafat.”

Here is what the Palestinians get to look forward to after the "oppressive" Israelis leave them to their own devices:

Some have noticed though: among them Khaled al-Haroub, a Palestinian residing in the UK, who wrote a column for the daily Al Hayat entitled “Let’s prevent Hamas to become Gaza’s Talibans.” Also the Kuwaiti daily Al Qabas has been reporting that, in the past few months, numerous Islamic style honor crimes have been committed in Gaza most likely by Hamas members.

But what has been the real eye-opener was the atrocious murder of Yousra al-Azzami on April 8 in Gaza. She was traveling home with her husband, her sister and her sister’s fiancé, when their car was attacked and rippled with bullets. The assailers then proceeded to beat up violently the two couples including Yousra, who had been hit by a bullet in the head and was lying motionless on the ground bleeding to death. Palestinian police arrested two of the five killers and recognized right away that they were Hamas members and had received their orders from their superior, Yusuf Dayah. He had reportedly told them: ”There are some ‘insolent’ couples on the beach. Teach them a lesson.”
Hamas is trying to control every aspect of the life of the people of Gaza. As an example, in the past eight months, Hamas' religious police is behind the burning of tens of cyber cafes, which are viewed as “vice outlets.” And that’s why, were Hamas to seize power in Gaza, a Taliban-style regime could easily come to power.

The Palestinians aren't going to get a state. They are going to get a hell on earth, courtesy of Islam.

I'm very happy for them. But somehow I doubt that the suicide bombings and mass murders and such will be much detered by Israel's clever withdrawal from the lands of these blighted people. They (and their supporters) will still need someone to blame for their pathetic lives in a prison of their own making. Guess who?

Allah be praised.

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