Friday, April 15, 2005

What Media Bias?

Here's a headline: "US Has No Exit Strategy for Iraq, Rumsfeld Says". (hat tip: LGF) The headline was picked up here and here, for example. Note that the Indymedia piece (first link) conveniently places a large picture between the headline and the text.

Now, here's what Rumsfeld actually said (found in the second paragraph of the report):

"We don't have an exit strategy, we have a victory strategy,'' Rumsfeld told soldiers during a surprise visit to Baghdad, according to a pooled broadcast report from the capital. "The goal is to help the Iraqi Forces develop the skills and the capacity to provide their own security.'' (emphasis mine)

If this is not an example of bias, misdirection, deliberately misleading and complete and willful dedication to the political purpose of portraying everthing this administration does in the most negative light possible--I don't know what is.

Ok, I'm waiting to hear the usual apologist BS from the usual apologists for the incompetence and liberal bias of the media.

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