Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Perpetual Sore Loser Strikes Again

This really cracks me up.

A fuming John Kerry had "daggers in his eyes" after a fellow Democrat promoted Hillary Rodham Clinton for president — suggesting the 2004 loser is green with envy at a potential rival.
The flap was touched off two weeks ago when Clinton spoke at a Minneapolis Democratic dinner and Sen. Mark Dayton (D-Minn.) told the cheering crowd that he was introducing "the next great president of the United States."

Two days later, Kerry came over to Dayton on the Senate floor "with daggers in his eyes and said, 'What are you doing endorsing my 2008 presidential opponent?' . . . He was very serious," Dayton told the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Clinton's office declined comment but a friend tut-tutted: "Boys will be boys, even when they are senators

Guess there's trouble in Democrat paradise.... But the best is saved for last:

Meanwhile, Kerry — and his outspoken wife Teresa Heinz Kerry — are increasingly claiming he was robbed last November and should have won.

This is taking poor loosership (is that a word?) to astronomical levels where it has reached galactic victimhood status. What an awful, awful man. I don't like Hilary at all myself; but if I were her, I would have the brakes on my cars checked regularly and be on the lookout for poisoned chocolates and such.

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