Friday, April 29, 2005

The Ivory Tower Needs More Like This Guy

I really like Professor Adams' agenda (here's a peek, but read the whole thing):

The university is also stealing your money by charging you $175 for parking every year and not providing you all with a parking space. Currently, there are four students for every parking space. Pardon my language, but that really sucks. Expect to immediately receive a 75% reduction in your parking fees. Next, I will build a parking deck on campus. When I am finished, you will be able to park there for free.

The new parking deck will be in the place of the Cultural Arts Center, which is currently being built on the edge of campus. Let's face it, that center will probably be filled with sculptures of vaginas and African Warlords within a year. Since, no one cares about that artsy-fartsy crap, I plan to tear it down even before it is even finished.

Remember that administrators just fund these diversity projects to pad their vitae in order to get the next administrative job that pays more money. And, let's face the facts: No other school is going to hire me after I 'm done with this place
Adams is the author of Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel: Confessions of a Conservative College Professor. This is a fascinating book that I enjoyed thoroughly (especially coming as I do from the academic environment). It is a collection of essays on the campus culture wars. Anything that is "politically correct" is grist for Adams' mill.

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